The highly competitive market environment and the aim for technological excellence, have led ETEM to focus in individual market sectors. One of these is profiles for industrial applications.

Our sales are focused both in the domestic and international markets, with extensive exports to the European Union. Through its technical know-how and experience, the company has invested in modern machinery like CNC machining and special sawing centers, aiming to supply semi-finished or finished complex components.



• Profiles for automotive applications
• Profiles for trailer superstructures and chassis sections
• Profiles for marine applications
• Custom-made profiles for general applications
• Hard alloy machining bars
• Standard profiles

• Profiles for automotive applications
The trend of lightweight and fuel-saving components and the growing use of aluminium in the automotive sector has steered ETEM to the automotive industry. During the past five years, ETEM has been seriously involved in this sector, having implemented considerable investments in the latest technology equipment and personnel training. The outcome was for ETEM to become a direct supplier to BMW, furnishing safety parts for the chassis frame of the BMW Series 1 & 3 vehicles, and an indirect supplier to AUDI for doors of the AUDI A3, while aiming to enter new projects as well.

ETEM, investing both in technical equipment and human resources, has employed and trained specialized personnel, creating an almost independent department, from sales up to final delivery, with a pioneering mentality for the Greek extrusions industry. The company’s involvement in such highly sophisticated products enabled it to acquire a totally different approach to design, production, testing and quality assurance, which apart from the technical know-how on production and testing, led it also to explore and develop new methods in sales and distribution, customer service, logistics and special packing.

• Profiles for trailer superstructures and classis sections
Aluminium alloys used in commercial vehicles give 40-60% weight savings over competing materials, which translates to increased payload and fuel savings. Furthermore, aluminium’s well-known corrosion resistance is an obvious advantage in road transport, contributing to longer life-span and reduced maintenance cost. ETEM is a supplier to well known trailer manufacturers, and the product range includes customer designed extruded profiles in 6060, 6063, 6005A and 6082 alloys used for various types of trailer superstructures and chassis parts.

• Profiles for marine applications
The continually increasing use of aluminium for marine applications, has given ETEM the opportunity to extend its product range into other fields. We have introduced standard profiles such as angles, T-bars, flat bars, bulb bars and pipes in alloy 6082 T6 for shipbuilding applications, certified by Lloyds Register (LRS).

Custom-made profiles for general applications

The company’s 35 years of experience in extrusions, have enabled it to specialize also in the fields of custom-made profiles, used in architectural and industrial applications.

• Special profiles for architectural applications:
ETEM offers a wide range of products, specially developed to meet the requirements of the construction industry, sun shade and custom-made architectural systems, winter gardens, pyramids and cupolas, photovoltaic panels and solar energy application profiles, in 6060 and 6063 alloys, used both in the home market and abroad.

• Profile systems for road signs and other sign applications:
Having considerable experience, ETEM can provide customer specific solutions for all road traffic signs and portable changeable message signs, manufactured to the highest industry standards. Profiles are mainly extruded from our two big presses, ensuring high flatness also in profile widths of 150 – 450 mm.

• Standard profiles
An extensive range of solid and hollow sections of standard shapes, ranging from round, square, rectangular tubes, angles, “U” & “T” shape profiles is being offered in 6060, 6063, 6005 and 6082 alloys. Standard sections are mainly used for furniture, manufacturing of construction ancillary elements, such as doors and windows, interior design features, etc.

• Continuous Forming Line (ConForm)
This is a recently developed line, producing high precision, small size products, such as flat bars in dimensions of 16 – 150 sq. mm approximately, in coils of high aluminium purity soft alloys of 1XXX series.

It is a fact that the more attractive and lightweight material such as aluminium is gradually replacing other metals in the field of decorative and even electrical applications, such as electrical conductors for the automotive industry.

ETEM has undertaken this project, using all the latest production equipment, pioneering technology and testing methods, in order to ensure the final quality of the product and meet the requirements of highly demanding end users.